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minute piston rings are also called run-in rings. Due to the geometry on the tread or the application of a running-in medium, these rings can better adjust to the cylinder surface.

Due to the geometry, these rings are marked TOP, indicating that they must be mounted to the pressure side. The initial surface of the piston ring that touches the cylinder wall during installation is small. The pressure between the ring and the cylinder wall will provide a counter-pressure to the pressure behind the ring. The ring can run in slowly and ensure that the other piston rings can do the same.

In the DIN standard 34111 this type of ring is called M-ring. This is especially true for automotive applications.

The examples shown only represent some of the possibilities. Euroring will happily discuss the best installation with you for your specific situation.

Various piston rings

Type E501 Type E501
Taper faced compression ring.
Type E502 Type E502
Stepped taper faced compression ring.
Type E503 Type E503
Running-in faced compression ring.
Type E504 Type E504
Internally bevelled compression ring.
Type E505 Type E505
Bimetallic running-in faced compression ring.

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