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Due to the different applications for our piston rings, the right choice of material is essential. This has to do with the counter-facing material and whether it includes lubrication and to what extent. Under what temperatures should the seal function? What is the operating pressure and is the piston ring stationary or in motion? All these questions relate to the materials and any aftertreatment that needs to be applied.

This page gives you a global overview of materials Euroring uses to make piston rings. This isn’t all of them but gives you an idea of the possibilities. We can supply according to international ASTM, SAE, DIN and EN standards. If required, EN 10204-3.1 material certificates are supplied with the material and additional NDT tests are possible.

Cast irons; specially alloyed for piston rings
GG 25HB 190-220
GG 25-30HB 190-240
GG 25-30Mo alloyed HB-240
GGGNodulair cast iron
GGLNi-Resist cast iron, pearlitic alloyed
GGGLNi-Resist cast iron, pearlitic alloyed

We only do business with certified suppliers. This way we continue to maintain control over quality and delivery reliability. These are key points as we enter long-term partnerships with our suppliers.

Bronze; self lubricating properties
CuAl10NiAluminium Bronze
PAN BronzeSpecially alloyed
Cu Sn12 NiCastbronze 12 Ni

Stellite materials are non-magnetic and corrosion resistant cobalt alloys. They are exceptionally durable under extremely high temperatures, while also retaining strength and hardness.

Cobalt/Chrome Alloys
Steel gradeName
2.4964Stellite 25/ L-605/Haynes 25
2.8877Stellite 6

Materials with a high temperature and corrosion resistance based on Nickel and Chrome alloys. Your application determines which material can best be used.

Nickel/Chrome Alloys
Steel gradeName
2.4668Inconel 718
1.4876Incoloy 800
2.4819Hasteloy C275
2.4360Monel 400
2.4669Inconel X-750
2.4632Nimonic 90

Euroring uses centrifugal casting or forging/rolling mills that produce custom rings or bushes for us with specific product requirements and dimensions. The quality of the base material is guaranteed by centrifugal casting, forging and/or rolling.

High temperature steels
Steel gradeDIN standard
Stainless alloys

Hardness measuring

Lamellair cast iron

Ductile cast iron

DLC-Cr coating