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This type of ring is used as a shaft seal, slotted oil scraper ring, and as a compensation ring with an external tensioning counter-ring. The latter is to absorb movement in radial direction by means of a combination system.

Euroring has extensive experience in the design and production of piston rings that are required to work on the inside of the ring. 100% sealing is essential along this tread. Choosing the correct lock design and lock clearance is determined by the medium and the operating temperature.

Inside tensioned piston ring

All piston rings produced by Euroring are checked for tightness along the tread during production and final inspection, by means of a gauge. As a result, openings up to µ = 0.001 mm can be detected and proper operation is guaranteed.

Inner tensioning piston rings are used in:
– Hydraulic systems
– Glass production
– Pumps
– Food industry
– Gearboxes
– Gas & Steam turbines

Applied Materials include:
– Various bronze alloys
– Specially alloyed cast irons
– Various high-quality steels

There are restrictions when mounting a single piston ring. The ring cannot be bent outward or inward enough to permanently bend. Therefore, the ring must either be divided; as we see with oil scrape gasket sets, or the groove must be split.

Inside tensioned piston ring with caliber

The applications for this type of piston ring are extremely diverse. Often there is limited space for placing a ring or it must be able to function on both sides. Single or multiple piston rings can be applied. Depending on its operation and the situation with mounting, it may be necessary to design the ring divided so that it can still be mounted without losing its function.

Together with you, we are more than happy to look for the best version within the scope of your system.


Type E401 Type E401
Inside tensioned compression ring.
Type E402 Type E402
Inside tensioned taper faced scraper ring.
Type E403 Type E403
Grooved inside tensioned taper faced scraper ring.
Type E404 Type E404
Taper faced piston ring with inside tension and oil groove.
Type E405 Type E405
Conical faced inside tensioned scraper ring.
Type E406 Type E406
Piston ring with inner tension and tension spring.

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