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This is one of the areas of application in which the proper functioning of the piston ring is of the utmost importance. Control and safety under all circumstances is the right description in this case.

With a combustion engine or compressor, a piston ring has time to ‘run in’ on the cylinder wall. This is not the case with this application. The linear movement is much lower in frequency or even completely absent in an emergency valve. The piston with ring remains stationary until a movement is required.

Gastight piston rings marked “TOP” to pressure side

Euroring applies high-quality production methods to ensure complete control and traceability throughout the entire process. This is what enables us to make a product that 100% meets the requirements and performs immediately after assembly.

We produce according to your specifications and/or help you to make further developments in order to get a higher return from your systems.

Materials that are used include:
– 1.4980/A-286
– 9.8877/Stellite 6
– 1.4057/AISI 431

The piston rings are used at high pressure levels and/or temperatures (thermal shock). Usually there is no lubrication, so the application of the right material is essential. As a result, often high-quality materials are chosen or heat aftertreatment and surface optimisation are applied.

Design gastight lock/ Type E

All piston rings are subjected to a strict final inspection for: density, contact pressure, dimensions and tolerance levels guaranteeing proper operation.

Types of lock:
– A/Butt joint
– D/Step cut
– E/Gastight lock
– Special locks


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