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Operational tasks at sea require reliable systems. Whether for drilling, transporting or supply. Nowadays there is an increasingly deep search for oil and gas resources. This requires innovative solutions.

Euroring is a reliable partner when it comes to high-quality products that meet expectations in the field.

Offshore piston rings

We produce according to international standards and your specific technical specifications. However, it often occurs that the situation requires a new design. In scenario we can draw on our years of experience in the field of metal dynamic seal production. The design, testing and production takes place under one roof.

Product applications:
– Compression rings
– Scraper rings
– Gastight cut
– Lock step cut
– Special designs

Deep sea projects, dredging work, laying pipelines. Our piston rings and seals are used everywhere for all types of applications.

Drawing detail

High wear and corrosion resistance when drilling and dredging are basic requirements for our piston rings.

Temperature resistance in situations such involving fire is another example of a property a ring must have.

Examples of materials:
– Hastelloy
– Monel 500
– Inconel 718, x-750
– Stellite 6 & 25
– MP35N


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