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The use of our piston rings and metal technically dynamic seals is highly diverse. The application strongly determines which piston ring or dynamic ring functions best and meets the requested specifications. A breakdown has been included on this page for further clarification. This is in no way decisive and/or exclusive.
If your application isn’t been included, please contact us for the possibilities. This page is therefore continuously updated and expanded as the application of our products continues to develop.

Combustion engines Combustion engines
Compression takes place after the air has been mixed with fuel. Piston rings fill the role for which they are made, which is to seal the combustion chamber so that maximum power can be obtained from the ignition.Read more
Compressors Compressors
The piston rings are crucial parts for optimal functioning of the gas, cooling and vacuum compressors. The crank-connecting rod principle is used as the basis for the sealing.Read more
Safety- & Control Valves Safety- & Control Valves
This is one of the areas of application in which the proper functioning of the piston ring is of the utmost importance.Read more
Pumps Pumps
The necessity to pump liquids and gases is all around us. The process of pumping is done by means of an oscillating or rotating movement. Read more
Shipping Industry Shipping Industry
Euroring supplies standard and oversized piston rings for diesel engines in the 2 and 4 stroke range for both slow-running and medium-speed engines. Read more
Gearboxes Gearboxes
Euroring produces piston rings, metallic seals and circlips that can be used for various functions in gearboxes and transmissions. Read more
Gas- & Steamturbines Gas- & Steamturbines
Gas and steam turbines are used in power plants where a gas turbine is driven by natural gas or gasification of biomass and a steam turbine from the residual heat. Read more
Hydraulics Hydraulics
The application of piston rings in hydraulic systems is highly diverse. For the pressure build-up in a hydraulic press, pump and cylinder, the piston ring is crucial for the system to operate. Read more
Turbochargers Turbochargers
Due to a combination of high temperatures, varying pressure levels, speeds and flank load, the piston ring is crucial for the performance of the turbocharger.Read more
Aviation & Aerospace Aviation & Aerospace
Many complex systems used in aerospace make use of seals and piston rings.Read more
Sustainable Applications Sustainable Applications
There are many developments in the field of extraction and conversion of renewable energy sources and recycling of all kinds of raw materials. Read more
Defense Industry Defense Industry
There are many applications within the defence spectrum where sealing is important. In the primary deployment areas within the military, the control of high expansion pressures is of huge importance. Read more
Offshore Offshore
Operational tasks at sea require reliable systems. Whether for drilling, transporting or supply. Nowadays there is an increasingly deep search for oil and gas resources.Read more
Steel Industry Steel Industry
Continuous production of steel is only possible if all systems function properly. Within this entire process of feeding, melting, casting and processing, piston rings play an important role in multiple ways. Read more
Steam Applications Steam Applications
Steam is what started the industrial revolution. The steamroller above is a wonderful example of this. However, steam represents much more than that. Read more