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Below is an overview of our products divided into key global groups. Since each specific area of application has its own technical challenges, customisation is essential. Various designs are shown per group for the most diverse applications. Euroring can combine existing as well as new combinations of properties so that the best product can be used according to your requirements. The types displayed are just a small selection of what is possible. We engineer, test and produce everything under one roof. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you, from the development phase right through to the end product.
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    Compression Rings

    The main function of the compression piston ring on a combustion engine is to provide a seal. ...

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    Scraper Rings

    Scraper rings main purpose is to remove abundant medium,s as; oils, liquids and powders. They are often with other types of piston rings....

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    Slotted Oil Scraper Rings

    The best-known application for slotted oil scraper rings is as the bottom ring of the three types on a piston within a combustion engine. ...

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    Inside Tensioned Rings

    This type of ring is used as a shaft seal, slotted oil scraper ring, and as a compensation ring with an external tensioning counter-ring. ...

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    Running-in Rings

    Minute piston rings are also called run-in rings. ...

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    Performance Plastics Rings

    Euroring produces piston rings made up of high-quality technical plastics, in consultation with the customer. ...