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Due to the geometry of this type of lock, optimum sealing is possible. This type of lock is retained under varying pressure levels and extreme temperature changes. Due to the design of the lock, one specific side must always be mounted to the pressure/compression side. If this is not done, a large part of the operation is lost. This side of the piston ring is therefore marked, for example, “TOP”.

Gastight cut/Type E (round type)

 This type of lock is often used in combination with highly alloyed materials such as Stellite and Inconel. The sealing effect as well as temperature, wear and corrosion resistance play a vital role here. Due to these factors, high accuracy in production and (final) inspection is of huge importance. Euroring designs and produces this type of lock based on your technical specifications.

Gastight cut piston rings

You can choose between a straight and semi-circular gastight lock. The lock lengths follow the radius of the bore size to achieve an optimal effect. This lock continues to work even after some wear and tear.

Gastight cut/Type E (straight type)

 Applied in a.o;
– Control and directional valves
– Off Shore
– Safety valves
– Gas & steam turbines
– Hydraulics

DIN ISO name= SW / Walzenstoß
DIN 34109



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