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Steam is what started the industrial revolution. The steamroller above is a wonderful example of this. However, steam represents much more than that. The applications for steam are still very widespread today.

Controlling (super) high steam temperatures and pressure levels are essential in these processes. The proper functioning of our piston rings is crucial in this. Once installed, they should perform 100% immediately without any ‘break-in’ time. Injection coolers and different types of safety- and control valves all use our piston rings.

High temp. steam valve gastight piston ring

Thanks to our many years of working together with reliable materials suppliers, precise production processes and collaboration with companies such as Bodycote we know how to connect with renowned names in the industry.

Types used:
– Compression rings/ Type E001
– Inner tensioning rings// Type 400
– Butt joint/ Type A
– Step cut/ Type D
– Gastight lock / Type E
– Special designs

– GG & GGG specially alloyed
– Bronze (self-lubricating)
– 1.4057
– 1.4021
– Inconel 718

We supply custom-made piston rings, starter air valve rings and special seals for various steam (train) organisations and foundations. This allows them to operate their newly restored materials, in their full former glory. This often involves custom-made products, as standard dimensions are generally not included. Specially alloyed cast irons and self-lubricating bronze types are often used here.

TOP marked piston rings

Based on your drawings and/or specifications, we can make high-quality piston rings with certificates, measuring and, if desired, NDT test reports. We will happily investigate the possibilities for further optimisation with you.

Applications of steam:
– Power plants
– Paper industry
– Chemical industry
– Steam trains
– Steam pumping stations


Please contact us for further information about this application.

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