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Due to a combination of high temperatures, varying pressure levels, speeds and flank load, the piston ring is crucial for the performance of the turbocharger.

Without the use of turbos on modern fuel engines, the maximum power and reduction of consumption and emissions can never be achieved. As a result, the turbocharger occupies a special place in modern engine systems and must function optimally to achieve the intended results.

Position of piston rings in a turbocharger

This high efficiency is of course partly achieved by a good seal. Euroring has extensive experience in developing and producing technically high-quality products for use in turbo systems. New insights in design, choice of materials and surface treatments always give room for improvements in existing or new systems.

We produce according to your technical specifications or gladly work together in the reduction of “blow by” by applying new designs.

Application of turbochargers includes:
– Shipping
– Power generation
– Trains
– Heavy mechanical vehicles
– Aerospace

The side where the exhaust gases drive the turbine wheel is where the temperatures are at their highest. Here we see the use of high temperature resistant types of steel. All kinds of heat and surface treatments can be applied to positively influence service life and running properties.

Lock step piston rings 

The compressor side has somewhat less extreme conditions, making it possible to use high-quality cast iron. Special alloys hereby provide better performance.

Our materials suppliers know that the quality of the raw materials we buy is essential. All materials supplied have at least a NEN 10204 3.1 certificate.

Materials and treatments we use include:
– Special cast iron alloys
– Temperature resistant steels

Lock versions:
– Butt joint/Type A
– Lock step cut/Type F
– Special design locks


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