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Continuous production of steel is only possible if all systems function properly. Within this entire process of feeding, melting, casting and processing, piston rings play an important role in multiple ways.

As a piston ring manufacturer, we ourselves depend on reliable suppliers when it comes to our raw materials. We deal with foundries, forges and rolling mills on a daily basis to obtain high-quality steels and super alloys.

Bronze piston ring

Due to our extensive background experience in the field of piston rings in this industry, we can serve you very effectively. Fast delivery of single pieces to small series up to ± 1000 pieces are not a problem.

We use high-quality manufacturers for our (centrifugal casting) raw materials, with whom we’ve had good contacts for years. The lead times are therefore very short, and the quality is guaranteed.

Use of materials:
– Specially alloyed cast irons
– Various bronze types
– Steel
– High-quality alloys

Stable processing of the cast material (the strand) is of great importance, especially in continuous casting processes. Our piston rings can therefore be found in these production processes. The conditions are challenging due to the high temperatures and the effect of cooling water, steam, lubricating oils and gases.

Drawing gastight piston ring

Further use of our piston rings can include hydraulic presses, rollers, punches, compressed air systems and other systems within the manufacturing process.

Production takes place according to your specifications or international DIN ISO standards. Further development and improvement is of course always possible.

Piston rings used: ;
– Compression rings
– Scraper rings
– Split seals
– Butt joint
– Step cut
– Gastight cut


Please contact us for further information about this application.

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