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Our products have to work, always…

It’s essential that our piston rings and metal technically dynamic seals function properly. The systems in which our seals are applied come with high demands. After all, our products are exposed to high temperatures, pressure levels and technically challenging environments. Lubricants may or may not be present. Due to our extensive experience with these types of tribological issues, we are able to use our knowledge to achieve the best possible application for our products.

With an enthusiastic and skilled team, we make this challenging product with a lot of passion every day. Supported by an MKG ERP system specially designed for the metal industry, we maintain traceability throughout the entire process. Highly detailed internal production plans enable us to quickly identify possible deviations and intervene properly. Full control, from the supply chain to you, the customer.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certificate shows our commitment to processes and product quality. In order to maintain this high-quality standard, we apply our procedures consistently. We continuously invest in our internal processes, in the improvement and optimisation of these processes. This is not only tested by the TüV Rheinland we also have regular external audits carried out by customers.

Performance under Pressure

Our suppliers of raw materials all have the correct certifications. The raw materials we purchase meet high quality requirements. For example, we pay strict attention to the purity, suitable manufacturing processes and origins of our materials to guarantee the best quality and avoid purchasing materials from conflict areas. This quality standard is guaranteed by EN 10204-3.1  certification and, if required, additional NDT-testing and certificates. Every year we carry out supplier evaluations to improve and optimise our partnership.

Knowledge and expertise in the field of materials, surface treatments, material pairing and areas of application are of huge importance to us. Besides the fact that our raw materials and products must be of high quality, we think it’s very important that we understand your technical issues quickly. This enables us to offer a suitable solution to meet your needs. We combine our expertise with the expertise of metallurgists and research institutes to work towards the best possible operation of the piston ring and metal dynamic sealing. We enhance our expertise by means of research and development projects and frequent testing of materials, specifically for the purpose of the production and operation of piston rings. All this is supported by modern and high-quality production resources and processes that ensure even better technical products.

Frequent consultations with you, as well as with our specialised suppliers, ensure optimal use of our seals for your business assets. We call upon external specialists if necessary.

With the help of CAD-CAM, CNC-controlled machines and high-quality measuring instruments, we arrive at precise dimensions and precise tolerance levels.

Our measuring equipment is calibrated externally at the Trescal company.


Final inspection

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate