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This type of piston ring is also referred to as nose ring. In combustion engines, the oil is scraped from the sharp running side of the cylinder wall and, if necessary, discharged to the crankcase via the grooves under or in the ring. Slotted oil scraper rings have the same effect. Alternatively, the installation of an expansion ring can provide additional contact pressure on the cylinder wall.

These scraper rings can be used in both external and internal tensioning types in a wide variety of applications. The types shown on this page therefore serve as a starting point to explore all the possibilities.

Euroring focuses on the required functionality and system requirements to subsequently come up with a design that meets these requirements. It may well be that certain properties of other piston ring types can better be used to achieve this result or that completely new elements are used.

Examples of applications:
– Food industry
– (metal) 3D printers
– Petrochemical
– Injection moulding machines
– Combustion engines

Applicable Standard = NEN ISO 6623: 2004

doorsnede van een schraapveer

Scraper ring

The correct geometry is only part of what makes a good piston ring. In addition to the (emergency) running properties on the counter-face material, the composition of the ‘medium’ to be processed is of course also important. In addition to oils, this can be any liquid and/or powder.

Type E201 Type E201
Taper faced scraper ring. TOP marked.
Type E202 Type E202
Taper faced scraper ring with oil groove. TOP marked.
Type E203 Type E203
Nose-/ Scraper ring with oil groove. TOP marked.
Type E204 Type E204
Taper faced nosering. TOP marked.
Type E205 Type E205
Taper faced nosering with oilgrooves. TOP marked.
Type E206 Type E206
Scraper ring with offset running surface. TOP marked.
Type E207 Type E207
Oilscraper ring with recessed surface and oilgroove. TOP marked.
Type E208 Type E208
Oilscraper ring with stepped running surface. TOP marked.
Type E209 Type E209
Oil scraper ring with disposal grooves. TOP marked.
Type E210 Type E210
Double bevelled oil scraper ring with drain holes. TOP marked.
Type E211 Type E211
Oil scraper ring with drain holes. TOP marked.

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