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Euroring produces piston rings made up of high-quality technical plastics, in consultation with the customer. These can be used as the sole material but can also be provided with specific additives.


There is often a boundary upon which the choice can fall between whether to use a plastic or a metal seal. One reason to first choose a plastic piston ring can be to test the application in prototype development, aimed at “proof of concept”.

Special prototype plastic seals

Euroring has many options when it comes to choosing materials. Developments in the field of materials are progressing further and therefore offer more possibilities.

Areas of application include:
– Chemical industry
– Food industry
– Medical industry
– Prototyping

Whereas options in plastics used to be limited, this has changed considerably in recent years. The possibilities have increased hugely due to new developments in materials, but especially by adding additives to the plastics.

Plastic inside tensioned piston ring

For example, think of glass, bronze, carbon and graphite. These elements separately provide improvements in: resistance, wear, damage and maximum operating temperature.

Possible materials:
– PTFE (with additives)
– Peek

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