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The butt joint version of the piston ring is the standard type. This is most common in combustion engines with compression-, nose- and slotted oil scraper rings.

Euroring butt joint / Type A

 When designing a seal, it is important that there is sufficient amount of flexibility in terms of use. We also call this the final clearance or closed gap space (S1). The piston ring will expand/become longer by introducing heat to, for example, an internal combustion engine. The ring-ends come together but must not touch under any circumstances. If this occurs, the ring will ‘set’ itself on the cylinder wall and/or in the groove. The ring will jam and then deform. The result may cause the piston to jam, resulting in a blockage.

High temperature butt joint piston rings

Possible applications include;
– Combustion engines
– Turbochargers
– Mechanical tools
– Presses
– Steam engines
– Cars
– Motorcycles
– Aircraft engines





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