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Gas and steam turbines are used in power plants where a gas turbine is driven by natural gas or gasification of biomass and a steam turbine from the residual heat. As a result, the yields are much higher than the traditional systems. In addition, gas turbines are in mobile power generation systems and on large ferry boats, defence and offshore applications. Steam turbines are located in nuclear power plants as well as in the conversion of residual heat from diesel engines.

Euroring produces piston rings as well as static & dynamic seals and seals that are taut both indoors and outdoors and are used in various places in and around gas and steam turbines.

STEG energy plant

We produce these piston rings according to your existing technical specifications, whereby 100% certified materials, accurately traceable production methods and strict (final) checks yield a high-quality product.

Types of lock:
– Gastight, Type E
– (in)side lock, Type G/H
– Step cut, Type D
– Lock step cut, Type F
– Special locks

Examples of piston rings that we make for our customers include piston rings for dual burners for oil & gas, burner control units, rotor housing seals, exhaust box sealing and sealing rings and special radial compensation elements.

Large diameter piston rings + springs

In addition to existing designs, we with you in an innovative capacity for improvements and optimisation of current systems or the application of new technologies.

Example of materials used:
– 1.4404
– 1.4980
– Stellite 6
– Inconel 718
– Monel
– Haynes 25


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