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This lock type is mainly used to prevent the piston ring from springing open during installation. The preload creates too large a diameter that makes mounting difficult with recessed holes, blind installation and passing through ring grooves. This lock is therefore only used for outside tensioning piston rings.

Lock step cut / Type F

This lock can, if needed, be rotated by 90º to a radial configuration. We find this type of ring in turbochargers and gearboxes, which in turn can be found in:

– Automotive
– Shipping
– Energy sector
– Race and high performance
– Heavy construction and construction equipment
– Forest and horticultural machines and equipment

Euroring produces according to international standards DIN 34109 and SAE J1236 and can also produce geometry and materials tailored specifically to your wishes and specifications.

ISO designation SH/ Verhakter Stoß
A related standard is DIN 34109

Materials include
– GG and GGG cast iron alloy for piston rings
– Various Bronze alloys
– High temperature steels and alloys



Please contact us if you have any questions about this type of lock.

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