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The main function of the compression piston ring on a combustion engine is to provide a seal. In addition, the piston ring also has functions related to oil and lubrication regulation and heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall. As such, the compression ring largely determines the overall efficiency of your engine and must continue to function under extreme conditions.

Any leaks occur along the contact surface, side surfaces and the lock of the piston ring. In order to prevent this ‘leakage’ and to guarantee it is gastight, good contact with the cylinder wall and the correct contact pressure is extremely vital.


Forces acting on a piston ring

This contact pressure is partly achieved by the internal tension of the piston ring and, in some cases, by a built-in expansion ring. However, a large part of the contact pressure is obtained by the gas pressure that presses against the ring from the rear, as you can see above.

We will gladly help you find the right compression ring for your application. Below you can see several types of compression rings as Euroring produces. This is a small selection of the many possibilities.

The accuracy of the ring in terms of tolerance range is important. The area where the ring meets is called the “lock”. In many engines the version of the lock is type: butt joint. Special types locks, such as gastight cuts, are used where even higher demands are placed on the seal.

small size compression rings

On request, the inside and/or outside of the piston ring can be chamfered to touch the inner groove radius. This is not standard and is marked KI/KA according to the international DIN ISO standard.

Euroring guarantees high quality piston rings through modern production methods and constant production evaluations. We produce according to the international DIN 34110, DIN 34118 standards and the latest ISO standards no. 6622-1/2: 2003 for piston rings.

Type E001 Type E001
Standard rectangular compression ring with inside chamfers / KI.
Type E002 Type E002
Chrome plated rectangular compression ring with inside chamfers / KI.
Type E003 Type E003
Compression ring with oilgroove on running surface / KI.
Type E004 Type E004
Compression ring with oilgroove & oil ducts / KI.
Type E005 Type E005
Compression ring with stepped running surface / KI.
Type E006 Type E006
Compression ring with broken outside corners / KI.
Type E007 Type E007
Compression ring with a round running surface.
Type E008 Type E008
Keystone compression ring. DIN ISO = K
Type E009 Type E009
Duplex compression ring.
Type E010 Type E010
Duplex compression ring with guide groove.
Type E011 Type E011
Duplex compression ring with locking system.
Type E012 Type E012
Compression ring with insert.
Type E013 Type E013
Compression ring with tension spring.
Type E014 Type E014
Duplex compression ring with expander ring.
Type E015 Type E015
Half-keystone compression ring.
Type E016 Type E016
Compression ring with insert.
Type E017 Type E017
Compression ring with narrow pressure groove.
Type E018 Type E018
Compression ring with double narrow pressure grooves.
Type E019 Type E019
Compression ring with three narrow pressure grooves.
Type E020 Type E020
Running-in piston ring.

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