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There are many developments in the field of extraction and conversion of renewable energy sources and recycling of all kinds of raw materials. All these systems include a linear and/or rotary movement for processing, which must be sealed.

Whether it involves extraction, transport, grinding or compression, Euroring can analyse your tech-nical issues and develop the best solutions.

Gastight lock piston ring for a reycling installation

Not only the right type of ring and lock determine proper functioning. The correct choice of materi-als and application of modern coatings ensure high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low friction coefficients.

It may also be possible to use a plastic seal or a combination of metal and plastic, the so-called dual piston ring.

Materials and coatings used:
– Lamellar and nodular cast iron types
– Various high-quality steel types
– Bronze
– Technical synthetic materials
– Hard chrome
– DLC coatings
– PVD coatings

We have experience in the field of biogas installations, windmills, recycling of all kinds of raw mate-rials and hydropower plants. For these particular customers, we produce piston rings and metal dynamic seals based on their specifications.

Our piston rings can also be found in hydrogen and ammonia production and storage.

Sustainable energy options

Whether it involves existing systems or newly developed applications. We like to work together with you and can act quickly when it comes to prototypes or small series.

Applicable products are ;
– Compression rings
– Scraper rings
– Inside tensioned rings
– Gastight lock
– Step cut
– Special types


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