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The piston rings are crucial parts for optimal functioning of the gas, cooling and vacuum compressors. The crank-connecting rod principle is used as the basis for the sealing. The sealing can take place over one or more steps. The material pairing of the cylinder with the piston rings is essential here.

The purity of the compression medium must not be contaminated by, for example, oil, the compressor must operate unlubricated and this “pairing” is even more important. For oil-free reciprocating compressors, Euroring also produces duplex piston rings in which the supporting ring consists of cast iron and the contact ring is made of a technical plastic such as PTFE. This plastic piston ring makes contact with the tread of the cylinder and contains certain additives to improve its properties.

Step cut compression piston rings

Examples of non-toxic/non-corrosive gases are LPG, LNG, CNG and process air, ventilation systems, pneumatic transport.

Applications for 100% oil-free compressors:
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Paper production
– Semiconductor manufacturing
– Food and beverage industry
– Chemicals industry

Mediums to be compressed include:
– Oxygen
– Hydrogen
– Ammonia
– Nitrogen
– Helium
– Argon

Compressors that do not need to be oil-free can produce high pressure levels and large volume flows for industrial use. The pressure is built up over several stages, with piston rings providing compression on each stage. Compression rings are used for this, but slotted oil scraper rings can also be used to drain excess oil. Several compression rings are often used to handle the high pressure levels.

Compressor pistons with piston rings

As the base material for the piston rings, we use cast iron in various types and alloys, but bronze and steel are also used.

Applications for lubricated compressors:
– Automotive industry
– Oil and gas industry
– Energy sector
– Steel industry

Bronze compressionrings



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