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Compression takes place after the air has been mixed with fuel. Piston rings fill the role for which they are made, which is to seal the combustion chamber so that maximum power can be obtained from the ignition.

For four-stroke engines, three piston rings are usually placed per piston. A complete set then consists of an upper compression ring, a second nose ring and a slotted oil scraper ring at the bottom..

4 Stroke engine with piston rings

Currently the most common fuels are (ethanol) petrol, diesel and LPG. In the future, mixed fuels, hydrogen and other fuels will play an increasingly important role. The fact is that they all use the same principle whereby the piston rings are crucial for the proper functioning of the engine.

The various applications for engines are:
– Trucks and cars, racing and rally sports, motorcycles.
Ships; diesel engines, generators.
– Aggregates.
– Compressors.
– Trains.
– Aviation: in-line, star, v and boxer engines.
– Agricultural and forestry equipment and vehicles.
– Range extenders.

Two-stroke engines usually only contain one or two compression rings, the slotted oil scraper ring completely omitted. This is due to the engine’s design.

2 Stroke engine with piston rings

Euroring develops and produces piston rings for new and existing engine systems. We are at the forefront when it comes to the application of new materials, surface treatments and tribological challenges.

We can supply from stock and, if required, produce prototypes with very short delivery times and small series.

All our products are manufactured according to international DIN and OEM quality standards.

Applied materials;
– Cast iron specially alloyed and/or refined for piston rings.
– Various steel grades.

Aftertreatments include;
– Bath and gas nitriding.
– Plasma nitriding.
– Hard chrome.
– Various DLC and PVD coatings.


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