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The necessity to pump liquids and gases is all around us. The process of pumping is done by means of an oscillating or rotating movement. Our piston rings fulfil an important function for the efficien-cy of these pumps.

In a piston pump, a linear movement provides the necessary compression as shown below. The crankshaft rotates and “pushes” the connecting rod with the piston back and forth. The piston rings seal the compression space and allow compression to take place.

Axial piston pump

At high to very high-pressure levels beyond 1500 Bar, a high-quality finish of the piston ring plays a pivotal role. Euroring produces the piston rings according to your technical specifications and/or we help to develop the best possible seal in consultation with you.

Applied materials and aftertreatments:
– Various types of cast iron
– High-quality steel types
– (self-lubricating) Bronze types
– Bath & gas nitriding

Types of lock:
– Gastight, Type E
– (in)side cut, Type G/H
– Step cut, Type D

In diaphragm pumps, a diaphragm is moved by an axial-linear movement of the piston by way of piston rings. Displacement of the medium then takes place via suppression.


Compression piston rings

The great advantage with this type of pump is that liquids, air, gases and vapours can be transport-ed and compressed without being compromised by, for example, lubricants.

Pumps can be found in:
– Chemical industry
– Paper industry
– Drinking water purification
– Cement industry
– Automotive

Possible versions of the rings:
– Round tread, Type E007
– Block ring, Type E001
– Nose ring, Type E501


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