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The application of piston rings in hydraulic systems is highly diverse. For the pressure build-up in a hydraulic press, pump and cylinder, the piston ring is crucial for the system to operate. Particularly the metallic piston ring is used for larger diameter cylinders.

We produce custom-made piston rings for overhaul and maintenance companies in the hydraulics industry, among others. Often the requested sizes are no longer available in stock or adjustments need to be made to the dimensions due to wear and tear.

Large hydraulic piston ring

Euroring has the possibilities to anticipate this in a flexible way and are therefore able to deliver quickly. If only the details of the groove are known, we can offer you a suitable product using international DIN standards or our own internal standards.

Diameters ranging from 10 mm to 2500 mm, and beyond, are possible. We produce according to your specific wishes or develop a customised seal together with you.

Type of locks that can be used:
– Butt joint/Type A
– Step cut/Type B
– (in)side cut/Type G&H, against twists
– Gastight cut/Type E
– Special lock

Another example of hydraulic application for our piston rings is in a gearbox. When plastic no longer suffices, the combination of high pressure, speed and/or temperature can cause a high degree of wear. In this case, a metal dynamic seal or run-in ring can be the solution. Possibly in combination with an elastomer.

Hydraulic piston rings

They can also serve as backup rings with the plastic seals as preventive fire safety rings, rescue equipment for the fire brigade and rescue services and use in the offshore and chemicals industries.

Our piston rings are also used as rod sealing and support rings.

Applied materials:
– Lamellar cast irons/GG
– Nodular cast irons/GGG
– Various types of steel


Please contact us for further information about this application.

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