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Euroring produces piston rings, metallic seals and circlips that can be used for various functions in gearboxes and transmissions. The piston rings fulfil functions such as bearing limitation/confinement and rotating radial and/or axial sealing.

When used in hydraulic gearboxes or torque converters, a controlled leakage of the piston ring is preferred. The right choice of materials and dimensions are of the utmost importance to guarantee proper operation and a long service life.

Gearbox piston ring

The gearbox construction often requires the use of a hooked lock. As a result, the ring cannot be fully ‘open’ and get jammed in the event of blind installation or passing grooves.

The material pairing of the piston ring with the counter-face is, as stated, of huge importance. In addition to the various specially alloyed cast iron types, we also use various bronze types.

– GG/Lamellar cast iron
– GGG/Nodular cast iron
– Various bronze types
– High quality steels
– Nickel and cobalt alloys


The reduction gearboxes for heavy industrial and maritime use also know the use of linear and rotary seals and piston rings. This involves processing large capacities and torques, which also underline the importance of properly functioning piston rings.

Lock step cut

The piston rings are produced according to your specifications with grooves, radii, chamfers and, among other things, step cut locks. Various aftertreatments and surface improvements with coatings are also possible. We are also happy to work with you to improve existing designs and apply new technologies.

Possible after-treatments:
– Phosphating
– Hard chrome plating
– Plasma nitriding
– Bath and gas nitriding
– PVD coatings


Please contact us for further information about this application.

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