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There are many applications within the defence spectrum where sealing is important. In the primary deployment areas within the military, the control of high expansion pressures is of huge importance. But we also come across many parts that require the use of piston rings or other high-quality metal dynamic seals in daily operations.

Whichever application it is, one word keeps coming up…reliability… in other words: Performance under pressure. High temperatures in combination with high pressure levels and little or no lubrication requires the right choice in terms of materials, design and coatings.

We are happy to work together with you to search for improvements to existing or newly developed product applications. We have the capacity to act quickly for test series in different versions.

Piston ring types:
– Compression rings
– Scraper rings
– Internal tensioned piston rings
– Special types

Possible materials:
– Inconel 718
– Stellite 6 & 25
– 1.4980
– Pan® bronze

Since defence assets are exposed to extreme conditions and repairs often can’t be carried out immediately, the quality and service life is of even more vital. This commitment to quality is reflected in our products.

Special bajonet piston ring

There’s a lot of knowledge about tribological issues within Euroring. If so desired, their properties can be improved by aftertreatment applied to materials. These treatments can positively influence wear resistance, heat resistance and dry running properties.

Surface Treatments:
– (LTC) Hard chrome
– (plasma) Nitriding
– Various PVD coatings
– Various coatings


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